No one can save us but ourselves

Our people are suffering because we are okay with them struggling, it is of no interest to the well being of our people. It doesn’t bother us that our people are beggars, petty thieves and homeless. Instead of looking at the root of problems we design bigger walls and employ white owned security companies; to help rid our hungry people from our hard earns. While banks rob us daily because its legal for them to charge 34% interest and bill you for every transaction you make to recover your own money. The law allows them to down right take from us but hungry people should be humiliated for petty crimes in supermarkets.

I winder, Am i my brother’s keeper? have i learned to care and truly humble myself at the situation we are facing as a race,
I see us move pass a woman with a baby on her back, even throw a rand to ease our soul from this dirt. Is that all you had? Are you showing off your sense of concern? of course it’s not our concern, she is not our immediate family. These boys at the front doors of kfs, chicken licken and these other poisonous food stores are not our siblings. This sense of always being busy and always tired, makes us lose sight of the real truth.

I remember watching a documentary about the death of Steve Biko and something caught my attention. A gentleman spoke about activists that were detained and their families, he said when a father or mother is detained by the police; the community is responsible to look after their children. Black people are a family, have always been. Maybe we have forgotten how to be black.

We have to understand where we are and regenerate a sense of structure as our forefathers had; maybe do better. These new initiations are dysfunctional. Many boys have not been taught how to be men, many men are still boys, it is the same in our girls and women, the effects are clear as day light. Parties, Smoking and alcohol are the new initiation schools. Nothing substantial, its a cycle of regrets, bullshiting our way into maturity while raising kids in the process.

Many of us have boldly claimed we are pro black while in support of nothing black owned and black empowering, we are under the illusion that wearing a dashiki or beards or a tshirt with an afro or a map of the continent from these major retails empowers our people. Tfg or edcon or Mr price is not problack; their quest is not to empower you But to make profit of us through credit purchase and mass sales .

our people are not allowed to sell in malls; but our people are always in malls, thats why soo many malls are invading our communities. We are great consumers and not great investors. I once saw a show about young rich blacks; and all of it was based on what they buy and bought. Showing of designer clothes and cars and restaurants they eat in, just to magnify how the black haves think, it is no different from the middle wagers. Consumption is order of the day.

So do not be fooled by the so called black entrepreneurs that open franchises reselling the same brands. Owning a McDonald’s franchise don’t make you an entrepreneur and buying from that same enterprise is not pro black brother. If its hard work to be pro black then don’t claim to be. Black products are expensive because it is expensive to make them without a support structure and financial backing from other black people. Black businesses are extremely difficult to sustain especially if it promotes genuine pride and consciousness.

So i plead; If you are not supporting your people consciously, then do not advocate a false reality of attaining economic freedom as a race. You are for the white supremacy structure, finding pleasure in the struggle of your people.
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