Amnesia : thoughts of a chicken


A couple of years ago I ran into a Congolese man at campus square in Auckland Park closer to the centre Johannesburg, he was a refined christian missionary recruiter selling Jesus with distinct, which is positive in its foundation; i see no issue in mastering your craft; there’s nothing worse than listening to an unsure person. stuttering and mumbling through the speech, the hot wind is better than that. I believe the white man has mastered his 8/10 in reaching his true potential; while we are barely getting by with our 3/10s, nonetheless that’s where we are, 4/10 if we are really getting better. we are simply not being what we are good at to be plain. we busy hobbling through foreign traits and trying to be the best we can be.

well this man sold me Jesus like a sales person desperate to make sale on a bad month, i listened to answer, i wasn’t having it, i was on conscious aggressive mode; where debates about religion was sport to me. he said all the common right things to spark my new found knowledge and mockery; like had it not been for slavery we would still be cannibalistic and barbaric, living in the jungle swinging from tree to tree or the new testament is the new truth. he spoke as a child that got ice cream after a beating. that’s how messed up our psyche is, we are grateful for the butchering, manslaughter, murder and rape of our people. and hope the wheel of evolution is true to us as the knife he took out to spill our blood, then seconds later we sat by him and hope he has grown a heart and a soft touch for us or he has found Jesus in the mistranslated verses.

the conqueror didn’t ask or ask to be pardoned, he poisoned the land and made sure everything that survived still had poison in its system. it was brutal and sacrificial, do we not carry the heaviness now as we did? we know he came, killed and never set foot in the forgiveness podium, he earned his masters in torture and thievery, that has been his strong 8/10, his arithmetic and geometry are stolen legends, his not spiritually embodied but understands the mystery of the closing 3rd eye. unapologetic he has build his empire in the greenfields of our ancestors.

while we are consumed in a system that we cannot just step aside and be free. well i wish somebody sold me the nommos on my way to fisher ways; or the Tree of life on my hiking trip. the energy we have for debates should be translated into actions on the streets not just to amuse our sense of scholarship. we are well spoken about what is not happening rather than what we are implementing.

we are intentionally or unintentionally participating in the slavery of our age. the damn if i do and damn if i don’t makes the head spin. from the 9-5 jobs for our semi skilled people, the degrees we acquire that give us bread and butter, the titles we obtain from a racist system that keeps us off the hunger, we are in the melting pot looking at better predicaments. we are slaves whether we are field or housed. it is non progressive to our being. i know it feels like something but its truly a slow death like purchasing these slave movies.

well thinking makes ignorance a blissful state of mind. the distortion of financial freedom, mental health or spiritual independence these are the battle grounds. but where is the practice of independence? at the church he build to count the conversion of black to completely not black. we are evolving at his command. following the death of a people and a race. it is truly amusing that we can sit in round tables and play the “woke” tags while we know nothing about our nature nor do we have a plan for our people. what is the future of the afrikan? rebuilding the man? the woman and child? systematic societies?

well the thought of our spiritual dynamics being barbaric is a pathetic mental disease. but the mind set thrives in almost all that are converted in to the deception of church or 21st century thinking, the so called schooled and aware. we are institutionalized in all forms; it is without error to say we haven’t had a black man that speaks black in a long time, we have had our 3/10s with a courted culture that evolved to an abusive state captured through the patriarchal system.we have traditional custodians, pan afrikans, Afrocentric scholars who still need reshaping of the black evolution not in the current supremacy system. since it seems the revolution is for the liberation of one illusion into another. we can debate the problem all day and sleep on it.

fighting white supremacy is one, but the mental attitude and spiritual state need cleansing too, we fought for freedom and independence with crosses on our chests or the mekkah moon. while our divinity was a mid day study. whom did we fight against with guns they made? think about it. independence was given as it suites the evolution of their race. not because the war was badly lost,not because too many of us were dying. nothing the man has given to us was meant to evolve us,
not religion, politics, school, material or better jobs has made us better human beings. but we have became better hypocrites, mentally corrupt and perverted souls. even in our advanced thinking the fall is the exclusion of the mass whom are under the poison of lesser thinking.

but should i blame a child born into bondage? he knows what he is being taught. he doesn’t know the great ka kongo, why would he; its not in the school system. its not in the national geographic. when I googled searched the history of South Afrika i got as far as the slavery trades in cape town. because the psychological effects of those events should be prominent to keep a people beneath their potential, not the victory in blood river or the take over from the strange ones. the cloth has been kept tight while transparency is being preached. the nature of the man was never to better us. it will not be, he cannot change his mind. if he lets you in his house wonder why. he has not forgotten.


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Appearing for the eye


appearances are so important lately; we are perceived by sight before we speak. because of the conditioning of outlooks, what is neat, tidy and importantly beautiful or acceptable. the frame of mind generates a similar look. I’ve just only noticed it. as much as the expectation has variety; the choices are just within a circular look. but for men there’s not really much options of expressions, i mean black men. we have a solid look which we think represent our more “natural” look. which is decent to the looking eye.
though it is mistaken, we have accepted it and the choice is without any analysis or deeper understanding. we cut our hair to look tidy and presentable; that is a common idea we share which we are under the same illusion; of it is ours, the bald or German cut, including the movember; the new frenzy of grooming beards. mere fashion statements accepted to normal men, anything else goes through a succession of ridiculing. a defense mechanism to protect the idea of how to look as a man; a black man actually. standard proccessure nothing out of the normal. we consider the “rasta” to be more afrikan and outrageous, i agree to the idea, not so much of the practice. the rebelion is quite delicate and generates a warm impression about the natural black man. but the rasta is outside the scope of your daily black man, by system exclusion. they don’t fall on the agreed appearance of tidy.
this appearance is enforced by corporate companies; well most companies include appearances in their staff hand book and implications of code breakage. the punishment of insubordinate behavior is brutal. also the cutting of hair really short is prominent in the military. as the reason is frail. but through research I’ve stumble into some eye opening information about slaves in conquered states; slaves had hair cut as a form of punishment and decrease their power, this would serve to keep the slaves timid and more easily controlled.

because hair left uncut help raise your kundalini energy; which increases your intuition and tranquility. while we are consumed by fashion and the state of accepted notions the true reality is we are just under control, obeying the commands….
there is nothing natural about us, the idea we have about hair, real kinky hair is suppressed because of its benefits. we are just caught in the web of condemning our true image as we were made out to be. we have distanced ourselves from such matters because we think we have a stand as afrikan men, we think our actions and lifestyles have anything to do with being afrikan,
we believe these choices we generate are from within us but we are just subliminally participating in the genocide of our nature. but the idea of keeping your natural outlook shouldn’t stand alone, as part of the process of identity and building a core spiritual being ; meditation, ingestion and practice; should be in place to achieve the ideal image of self. not this residual image that is just appearing for the eye.

Exposure : a society construct


in a patriarchal world women’s rules and regulations are common whether dignified or simply the ripeness of control; a man has fed the idea of decency into the female mind with absolute force. the very idea of decent dress codes is a sham because of its nature. what we really meant was in fear of. because dress codes mostly for the female specimen is dependent on the aggressive and violent man, it is controlled by the fear and lack of trust in the male species,

if truly the man was of good heart and served as a protector and provider then the dress codes wouldn’t exist. these codes serve as prisons to keep the wolf asleep; it has nothing to do with the respect construct most people hide behind. it is simply a conditioning to climatize and create a defense mechanism to accommodate the vicious eyes of the disrespectful man. though in truth not only women are in fear of this lost man, even the brute man knows his strength cannot extend to the number of unruly sons bred with the idea of women as objects.

with the advanced programming in mass media feeding the very idea of miss-trust and ill intentions; while a large volume of sexual zombies raise to the fantasy of television. it is damn near impossible to not keep your chickens in a sealed room. its a paradox in these so called pseudo drama / educational up liftment shows; that deal not with the respect of the human temple. but the scare tactic of appropriate exposure and respectable lengths to avoid unnecessary attention from the same monster created by countless branding and re-branding on media ads and motions pictures. its called entertainment that breaks the barriers of sound mind.

then a seeming thinker creates a standard of women behavior in levels of marriage, spoken as who he should wife with 100s of valid conditions invaliding the delicate sacredness of womanhood. he is supported by the same conditions as all frail minds dictating what is good for the women species. he is in support of the brutal nature women endure. the same judgement is flowing through him; its only a matter of extent. but the same mind set is set to border the line of social insecurity.


hence there is the idea of giving “the wrong idea” what does it mean? it means be extra careful, limit your freedom and hide well. that is the reality that exists now and we know this, we have adapted to the nature of a divided community living in fear. constantly acting as if the issue is women nowadays, when the prejudice is deep within all men, with the standards of beauty, appropriate behavior and respectable skin exposure. the yardstick is set, and we set the parameters of women life. but the contrary is not true.

at times it unveils as subliminal instructions seeming as good heart judgement or care kinder criticism. same as a parent’s tough love limiting the freedom of the child for the good of the child; as much the word “good” is tricky to understand in the broader spectrum; since this life is constructed with dual apparatus, your cannot really know and understand one without the other, so the higher good is a bit messy to the naked eye. its really not a matter of good. its just the nature of understanding nudity as an expression. as much as we can develop questionable debates about so called indecent exposure. i care only about the nature of freedom in all beings.

as much as we claim to have evolved; which i compare to the indigenous people and it seems rather far off to me. afrikans are and have been skin people, bare skin through all times. is our tradition indecent as we claim now that there is a level of showing skin that is appropriate? because we marvel at the reed dance of virgins and feel the pride of womanhood bare and bold. or is the pride region dependent and actions of culture and tradition kick to mind providing a safe options of “do not shame her, its your traditions” or maybe the city has a different vibe of abuse. since its a mixture of different minds and foresight. but is it not the same cultured man that is ill mouthed now; dictating the level of disrespect? or maybe he forgot.

christian by default


we cannot deny the fact that religion is robust to the South Afrikan child, it is the most important thing that parents pass-on to their young with little fail, if not parents; then the outside world makes sure the will of religion is achieved. every outlet in the community maintains the same values, the same blind faith with limited understanding and overwhelming fear. the folds of success and failure transformed with time as the same ideas of heaven and hell.
so what thought process does a South AfriKan child inherit? Christianity obviously. there is nothing else but to belong to the christian family. the stories have been engraved in the child’s mind, every question about God is answered the Christ way, because there is nothing else for the child to absorb and learn, even the education system teaches Christianity, christian songs, christian holidays etc. everywhere is a bombardment of christian belief for the Black South Afrikan. Christianity is a default. a beginner’s step into a flickering light of spirituality or the end of.
so one can confuse religion for spirituality, its a common error; especially when one is totally immersed into a narrow world of religion. it keeps one devoted to its sole without question of its foundations. well; even a mere question is an act of evil, it means your faith is shaken. one must believe as Abraham; when sacrificing his own child to only a test of faith. why ask why? when your soul can be saved from doom by merely believing what your primitive mind cannot comprehend. without any attempt to do better in the understanding of black consciousness and Afrikan Spirituality, or even to decode the christian principles from how they came to being, like knowing the books quoted from and also other references of events that serve as testament.
we accepted reality as this state and went on with our business, did we blackout from our true nature or our ancestors’ way of life? because religion is a step child introduced by the missionaries and invaders. but they haven’t been here that long, they were not here when Christ was crucified to deliver the news of our savior. life went on until colonization, then we were saved from living with nature. we were forced to repent and accept slavery from God’s only son. a mass consciousness was then achieved, we took Christianity as our own and memorized the values to serve as spirituality.
then i wonder why egocentric beings will shout that Christianity is an african belief, i don’t know whether it is by location of the events in the bible or a design from the afrikan mind; unless Peter had Afrika in mind, but we can easily adopt the book of the dead from egypt as our own, but again which afrikan child was exposed to it during the learning years? even now we cannot point devotees of ancient Egypt, Nubia or kush; because the walls of knowing anything else are high. we are like minds trapped in a black and white room, that’s all we are allowed to see. though we are not aware of the origins of the light we are fed.
a sense of forgetfulness is the answer to lost cultural meanings, we have forgotten and lost interest in our beliefs mostly because of the system used to enforce the faith. let me just say it was not brought with love, but funny enough the christian blueprint is actually love. the question is not the ideals of Jesus of Nazareth, Whether such a majestic soul walked the earth. that we shall debate with saint Peter and all who were part on the Christ mission in its European Agendas.
I cannot debate the inception of the Christ blood line and the inconsistencies of events. it only opens virtual misunderstandings that will not evoke the lost years of afrikan identity. only bits and pieces of a complex Afrikan spirituality unfolds through ridiculed ceremonies and indigenous people. the intervention of religion in almost all cultural rituals is ridiculous, we communicate with our ancestors with religious outlines. its strange how the two overlap.
which makes it difficult to identify with the indigenous traditions, such as the dogons, akan and san people just to mention a few. the gap is beyond in perception in inner clan customs; it seems they are the original Afrikans who can still identify which constellation we came from, while just a glimmer remembers 4% of the true culture.
the idea of Afrikan spirituality in South Afrika is non existent now on its own, due to the fact that Afrikan spirituality was passed on as a way of being verbally. it was never institutionalized for obvious reasons, you cannot enclose a spiritual journey. the path takes you to were your soul seeks to experience.

the consumption of Christianity slowly erased all forms of Afrikan spirituality to such extremes that we cannot recollect any african spirituality that exist in plain site at a tender age. shamans and sangomas are spoken in ill; the picture painted on these people makes one easily dismiss their wisdom and knowledge of afrikan heritage. well everything that is not christian is dismissed. the question is are you free to choose? are your beliefs your own and not programming from your first days on earth?

South Africa: A country held hostage


The 94′ effect

We commemorate symbols of victory and the end on an era, without mistake or over celebrating a victory never met in a duel of words or swords. 1994 highlights the beginning of a new South African page; Mandela was released with a clinched fist and heart-warming speeches of endless suffering, conquering the jaws of defeat and the end of a regime. Indeed hearts filled up mindlessly; the streets were noisy; the possibility of freedom had once faded, hearts had been dispirited by death tolls of anyone who stood against the regime. suddenly the unimagined had become a reality. rushing our disbelief with a seeming possibility of freedom.

That was the idea sold to us. but did we completely look into it as to what it truly meant; it was always going to be difficult to be a skeptic after years of racial prejudice. it was incomprehensible to even process a
question of what had the makings of a true revolution. this was true, the only truth pulled before our eyes. we could only see the promised land and a great truimph. we were not allowed to think it through; like a prisoner set free to serve house arrest, the conditions looked favorable. a matter of better than before.

another form of slavery replaces the one before, its better than nothing i suppose. knowing the evil of the regime and time it took to kill the spirit of black lives. this celebration is necessary to uplift the people.
but we need to remember how this change came to being, it wasn’t a change of heart of the minority. if the regime still had benefits to them we will still be in the same boat.

that is the hypothesis of the 94 post mo-term. so the question now is who benefited from the 94 effect? certainly not the average black man that was integrated into a pit to restart his dream without favor or compensation for the injustice he went through. neither did the domestic worker or middle class black civilians.

so it wasn’t goodwill that freed Mandela, it wasn’t that what the freedom fighters had stood for that warmed the hearts of the government. the grumbles of students protesting and reports of the shootings of innocent men and women rocked the apartheid boat. the showings of men slaughter had waken global hearts questioning and protesting local investor’s business ethics. causing a decline in wealth for major benefitors of the apartheid regime.

when F W de Klerk received a noble peace prize that should provoke even a sleeping mind to question the folds of the universal system. so what does that mean? shouldn’t a noble peace prize be given to Leopold for agreeing to congo’s independence? or any other war lord that agreed on an African country’s independence? then again what is independence in Africa? is there an African country that is independent? there is no such thing when colonial tax is still paid and the loans are still owed to the federal bank, its only a continuation or incurred debt that falls on the new government. so the allies clause is still true keeping the government slaved to its masters. there is no real control in governance. in truth Africa owes her rapist.

so freedom was given to us, there was no remorse but a wise business decision. global sanctions were costly to the investors, banks and all stakeholders. did they care about the effects of the apartheid regime? of course not. as long as their tenants paid rent in time nothing else mattered.

so the Truth and reconciliations only painted the man that held the gun or performed the torture as a reflections of who was held responsible for the unjust laws of apartheid. while corporate companies cruised through and improved their mission statements with cheap labor and black exploitation to extreme degrees. with no real responsibility nor a shift in true integration. their agenda remained on course.

22 year old “freedom”

justice only applies to commoners, the ground workers that perform requested duties are the ones who face prison sentences. do we hold every entity in every profession who benefited from the regime accountable? that was not made possible because of owner ship, external investor and all corporate entities don’t bow to a make believe government that doesn’t rule over them. with limited resources in a country of transformation; land reformations and “sky is limit” corporate opportunities that keep the middle class dependent and indebted

the reality of white supremacy in corporate executive positions is still true. while we think change in company ceilings can be performed or power can be shared equally without prejudice. who are we fooling? we are still feeding from the ground; with hopes of ” better education, better jobs” when the school system doesn’t provide an independent ideology of wealth creation. it only feeds on the slave-job preparations. well the educational system belongs to our allies and landlords, we don’t make the policy; so there can be no real education that wont benefit the colonial master. so the system of learning creates a dependency and a good enough to work mentality with a false ideology of freedom to choose.

no matter how qualified one is, talent selections still pits the black scholar to entry positions to prove credibility first, with a chance of middle management promotion ladder. an insult to any thinking mind to first dig deep, while his white counterpart is prepared to step to his blue blood dad’s executive office. while he being trained by the black senior to be his future employer.

if you are lucky and selectively chosen to be the face of a company without control; its a well off matter not wealth creation and regenerating. hence the rich blacks are known, seen spending an ounce promoting a controlled state of possibility. in truth they are selling a lifestyle, a state of consumption, a market strategy to generate work slaves. while the black entrepreneur gets sponged by a big white company in corporation, losing ownership to get breadcrumbs. if not cooperated then scandal and misfortune stumbles the folds of the business. maybe its co-incidental as the release of Mandela.

it just reminds us of liberation in its true form, because this clone of freedom given serves the hand that unveiled it. we were never meant to benefit from it. we should understand this.

June 16 1976 was a normal day

images-34If we stare clearly at the background of the famous Hector Pietersen picture, then we will realize the contrast of the importance of the day. It wasn’t a national awakening; only for those rooted in the injustice of being black in South Africa, while the elderly where going through the blues of daily routines; indirectly supporting a regime that oppressed them. The system had locked their mind from hope that the regime can be over thrown.

That was a fairy-tale to even speak about change and freedom. The system kept minds preoccupied in the work, church and deferred dreams. To make a sound life from this situation, and let politicians deal with politics. Totally turning a blind eye to the reality, like jumping over dead bodies and act like that’s how life is. Or just talk about the cruelty in fear and, isolated forums for the sake of living a lie. To keep the job in the garden, kitchen or the mine.

To even a worst case scenario of defending the master’s harsh hand at those who don’t follow his laws and ways. Just to see the device used to keep commoners obedient, it wasn’t a crisis anymore. The mind believed there were equal opportunities. They were making a living, feeding their families and raising kids. That is the nature that was brought out and it made sense. Comfort in lies is what is created through streams of media. Any raw mind that sees these overlapping insults grows in anger, as it is now with the #fees must fall and decolonising the education system.

I see no difference in the struggles, if not identical. But the picture is that these youth are rascal/ scoundrels making noise over a system that looks perfect to the distant sight. In accordance to the insults perpetuated to our people by the same system of yesteryear, the system of hierarchy race is still true in modern day South Africa. If clearly we looked at corporations and their employment ceiling, if the corporations were transparent then we can see the privileges granted to a race in a rainbow nation veiled before our eyes.

Even with the freedom that if fed to us with the electoral systems and BEE clone and no control CEO face of a company. Black people are in the same boat there were since the passed regime because politicians have limited control, if any control at all. With policy conducted by a federation in favour of the land lords of this country. We are simply renting our lives to the banks, fed these hopes and dreams of you can be anything until reality hits that a minimum wage laboured in these conditions is mental oppression.

If fees fall who will lose revenue or if the system is decolonised who stands a loss? In the production of semi-slaves who learn just about enough to be exploited by corporations for what seems like a better living, or a better job in comparison.
The preoccupied mind cannot comprehend the reality and circular future of serving this system that takes away conscious living. There is no real wealth or self-worth in the designed educational systems; we are reconstructed in the make belief of glorified slavery. But we cannot see passed it, same as the background people in the hector pietersen picture. To them it was a normal day, stresses of a normal day in support of the master’s ways.

It was a revolution; the youth stood and acted to change the impossible clutches of mental dominance.
A turning point after years of oppression, this day marked a stand that sparked a revolution in a country of brain washed dreams. When some hearts had accepted the reality of being below human standards, Giving in to the hand that slaps them and downgrade their nature of life, colonising their worth and heritage feeding them dependence. The same people who watched the injustice, spoke as if they had a stand. Because the vehicle was now popular, now worth taking pride in the blood of the youth that was shed for an idea, they ridiculed them. Because to them JUNE 16 1976 was just a normal day.