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Isn’t it a roller coaster to be a constant streamer of the headline news? Well to me it is, i even feel like i might be developing symptoms of bipolar. Maybe that is the design of how the “news” are altered and reported. The latest out cry is the gupta matter and its news spread. I like the truth, and i believe every one of us is interested in knowing the truth. But with the media, the truth is always further; just a bit further.

As much as there is interest in the ethics and business credibility of this gupta family in relation with our “Economic” downfall. I think its fair to do the same checks with multi billion companies on our shores; if truly we are looking for the truth. I do not remember the legitimacy of our major JSE investors being investigated since the country is still under colonial rule. I don’t think we are allowed to question our landlords. Its quite puzzling to mentally process these issues after the media frenzy of 1994 so called freedom achieved. The ANC has represented a false hope dilemma to a nation thirsty for liberation.

Now slowly the people are waking up from that dream state of freedom but not really free governance; full of democratic titles without implementations. Well the president has messed up everything for everyone; i mean everyone. he has just over turned patterns of 94; rather rubbing our masters the wrong way. the question now is what will white supremacy do to get the people back in the Mandela dream. The people need a new lie. Or Another politician that speaks Mandela.

In all fairness i am not for the involvement of the gupta family as i am not for the current white supremacy structure in Afrikan governance. but the role of the media that is rather concerning. As though its a reaction tool to tap into our subconscious and active an alarming response. Now that we wanna know the shenanigans of the gupta family with the greedy President. .then we can slow down on land issues, decolonising the education system and nationalisation of resources. Well there’s more headlines to keep us busy with not angry and out of focus.


Let your Greatness Blossom! — African Heritage

“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom. Of course the task will not be easy. But not to do this would be a crime against humanity, against which I ask all humanity now to rise up.” Nelson Mandela, Message to the Live 8 Concert […]

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Does Black Love Actually Exist? (a reblog) — gray suede

We spend our lives craving it, looking for it, and talking about it. The meaning of It can be felt more than it can be expressed. It’s called the greatest virtue. It’s love. What is love? I spoke to people, read books on it and even searched several dictionaries for an absolute but there was […] […]

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The 11 Components of the French Colonial Tax in Africa — African Heritage

African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France 50 years after their independence. This system is an abomination destined to keep African countries poor forever! Here are some excerpts from the article by Mawuna R. Koutonin. For the full article, go to France Colonial Tax , and do not forget to check out the article I wrote […]

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The last days of sanity

Forget about form and design…
The projection of flow and splatter…
In circles and hexagons. ..
As vices….blooming. …
As patterns of sequences…
Shaped in matter on clay clinging on walls…

It as the beyond of nothing…
Here and there of defined love…
From outter beam and lifeless bosoms. ..
Space and planetary ancestors. ..
These winds can speak…
But the message is not sound. …
Nor is it formed

Forget appropriate beauty,
Standard life meaning…
Laws and regulations in standing applause…
Of roses and mountain sights…
Save your judgement…
You are not the artist,
You are into the art…

And the art itself

Dear White Women…Again, I won’t be striking with you. I could. I finally have a job with actual Paid Time Off so if I wanted to, I could probably have taken off and participated in your little outing. But I won’t be. Why? Because your strike isn’t for me. It’s an exercise for you. It’s […]

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clouded yellow wish


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yellow my mellow,
why are these wishes so hollow?
chipped as cheap tricks on flowery pots,
stoned as color in the light of elusive spectrums,
grinning at the disgust of deeds blackening,

yellow my mellow,
why are you a fundamental purge of beauty in standing lies,
pale in the mountains of caucasia…
where beast ate beast…
in incest and blue sittings of cold bloods,

as in the mag spreads,
or bleaching of tones to dance as they,
to evolve in straight defined genetic mutations,
a deformation of peach on sun rays,

oh these lies are true sights now.
brute in favour…of the illusion…
dark is just not favourable,
it is cornered as natural beauty….
with less will to stand by its side

but oh yes!
yellow the true beauty,
easy on eye seen as 1 and 0,
worthy to be saved from a flight of stair by a superhero,
light as an angel,
beautiful as snow,
pure as its color….
such milky compliments sets the strings of belonging beauty,
never longing the melanin…
only in when true separations roam,

yellow my mellow,
my people are conditioned…
and they believe they are under no spell,
no illusion to ridicule the darkest of black,
scorned as beauty in figments….
why choose to be black….
when the mulato offer is in effect?
choose yellow….it is as good as white.
and it has proven,